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 Strengthen & Stabilize 

Being a human is hard. We harness the power of our planet and the cosmos without the humility and awareness that we are an immortal part of the great unfolding.* In fear, we attack, escape and disengage* until we become desperately sick.* While the urgency to remember our interconnection with everything has reached fever pitch, this excitement must be met with the patience, wisdom and resources necessary to awaken safely through the human body. Lichen is focused on stabilizing and supporting those in process, while preparing others for the tumult ahead.

 Current Offering 


 Holistic Harm Reduction & First Aid 

The incumbent healthcare system masters matter but remains ignorant to energy. In response, it omits key aspects of holistic healing, while delegitimizing and fearing others. In response, potentially transformational (albeit challenging) experiences lead to overwhelm and decompensation, suspending the individual in a state of overwhelm, which could have been avoided with adequate preparation and can be integrated with attunement, skill and proper support.

 Holistic Psychotherapy 

The deep interconnection of Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Social and Environmental health has been proven and can be measured at the intersection of Biology and Physics. Yet, we continue to silo the mind from the body, deny the existence of Spirit (or control each individual's relationship to it); and, downplay the critical role of our social and environmental bonds. As a result, the communities and ecosystems we inhabit are breaking under the pressure of this disconnection. Using mental health as a bridge, we consider all influences on your overall health, empowering you to restore balance and safeguard your wellbeing as best you can.

  Holistic Health Advocacy & Concierge 

Everything we experience is filtered through our perception,* especially the healing and growth process, because the energetic blocks and misdirections of our human and spiritual trauma are unique to us. Thus, we are the foremost experts in healing ourselves (in relationship with others and the natural realm). That said, there are some mathematic truths and biological principles surrounding how humans heal and grow.* Our holistic health guides educate clients about these principles, helping them discover what modalities and medicines compliment their needs. Healers and those seeking healing are connected to practitioners, trainings, trainers, mentors and colleagues to walk with them down their healing path.
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