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Central and Network are setup to help people "opt-offline" to heal, reconnect and nurture the local human and non-human relationships that keep us in balance internally, with each other and the natural world. As such, Local Business Pages and Practitioner Profiles highlight training and treatment offerings, discoverable through Geo-aware Network Search, and/or peer recommendations.

  Business Pages  

Provide organizations with a no-cost website alternative/supplement. Links highlighting organizational Resources, Events, Trainings, Treatment and Research drive awareness and traffic to Lichen Network and vice versa. Those seeking care or training from trusted peers and experts can learn more and take action with less friction. Network member assessments, training, and/or treatment plans, as well as coverage and payment capacities are handled centrally, expediting the training and treatment path for clients, while empowering practitioners to focus on what they do best - develop clinicians and help patients heal.


  Practitioner Profiles  

Provide practitioners with a no-cost website, and/or Psychology Today alternative. Lichen Central helps practitioners get on insurance panels and offers super bills to maximize reimbursement for services, plugging practitioner into Lichen's scholarship network to cover the delta with philanthropy. Links showcase practitioner contributions across the continuum of care, driving connection and collaboration between the central hub and local healers. Practitioner can provide automated content and care recommendations if they are not accepting new clients or set preparation requirements to assure clients are ready to take full advantage of their care. 

  Local Search  

Geo-boxed search allows clients and practitioners to identify training and treatment in their area, which can be further filtered by “trusted” practitioners, as specified by their peer and professional networks. Local practitioners and organizations can insert prerequisites, saving time and assuring readiness at the point of care/training. Overburdened practitioners and organizations can refer clients to search for what they need and to empower self advocacy and onwership of their own care.

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