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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Why: Lichen is not a non-profit or a tech startup; it’s a holistic healing movement that requires infrastructure, technology and funding to scale human awakening. We know that the systems we create while suffering and asleep have caused unprecedented individual, social and ecological disease. The systems we implement to heal individuals, realize social justice and environmental restoration are the solution. As such, human healing and growth is first priority.

Who: Bridges

As holistic healers, tech professionals with expertise in building networks and running product and marketing strategies for tech platforms, community mental health clinical directors and diversity and inclusion executives; the Lichen team is ready to bridge the worlds of business and technology with holistic healthcare via a scalable, equitable and sustainable network, ready for implementation.

What: Infrastructure, Technology & Resources

The most efficient way to increase access to holistic healthcare is to use technology to connect, integrate and up-level existing infrastructure, resources and talent.

How: Radical Collaboration

Lichen’s founding team has deep, authentic and trusted working relationships with technology entrepreneurs, academic institutions, industry luminaries and both nonprofit and for profit organizations who are ready to radically collaborate across the continuum of human healing and growth. While our current system actively attacks paradigm shifts that will dissolve its forceful hold on the planet; radical collaboration is so much more efficient and effective, we can provide a better product and service as a much lower overhead and output. Once this superior solution is made available to a critical mass of people, the genie cannot be shoved back in the bottle.

Step 1: Ignite the network with philanthropy and equitable investment in the near term:

Step 2: Expands access to training & treatment through ethical and sustainable revenue streams, all while keeping research & data ownership with members, not corporations.

Interested in helping turn strategy into execution? Volunteer, Donate, and/or Join Us!

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