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Updated: Oct 8, 2023

We are all Sacred

  1. We honor the sacred one-ness by treating all equally in our separateness

  2. We all hold the shadow and the light

We are the problem and the solution​

  1. Love (and safety) are all you need

  2. With the right tools and relationships (human, plant, animal, elemental and spiritual); humans heal themselves

  3. To help others to heal, always start with yourself (and never stop)

Power = Responsibility

The more power you are given (internally at Lichen and externally in our social systems), the more responsibility you have to:

  1. Look at yourself first when conflict arises

  2. Keep those with less power safe

  3. Give back power where it shouldn't be yours

Individual liberation, is social justice, is environmental restoration

  1. Compensation is based on the need of the employee and their community; ownership is shared equally

  2. The risks, challenges and failures of early stage projects are assumed on by those with the privilege and safety to experiment

  3. Once scalable resources and infrastructure are ready, we prioritize the most disenfranchised first, with reparations built in

Accountability and Transparency, with Compassion

  1. Our finances and operations are transparent. If we shy away from systemic disclosure, there's shadow work to be done

  2. Risks, mistakes, and ruptures are shared as openly as success stories, breakthroughs and “wins”

  3. The shadow of our past is always part of the story we tell to those shaping our future

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