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Updated: Oct 8, 2023

"I see a time of seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.” - Crazy Horse

Our Version:

Humanity working together to restore individual, social and ecological balance

2050 Press Release:

Humans wake up and work together - just in time!

It's 2050 and a significant portion of the wild spaces of every nation have been protected and restored. In each community, a holistic, sustainable healing center tends to the human, spiritual and ecological trauma of its members. Care is delivered by a diverse collective of intergenerational healers.

Humanity has reached a tipping point of awakening. Local and national governments, businesses and economic structures have shifted from a focus on competition, control and exploitation, to collaboration, stewardship and reciprocity.

While by 2023 only 5% of Indigenous Peoples remained, the severe inequity of late stage capitalism, the beginning of socio-political collapse and the accelerating destruction of global ecosystems finally inspired the rest of us to stop, listen and weave indigenous wisdom with western science and technology in pursuit of restoring individual, social and ecological health. Systems of reciprocity now almost autonomously work to restore and maintain balance at a global scale.

The 80% of remaining biodiversity stewarded by indigenous communities has been protected and sustainably integrated into the systems we use to heal, grow and thrive. With a critical mass of humans re-naturalized, Blue Zones explode and longevity skyrockets.

With a majority of the population in a ventral-vagal prosocial state; we spend our time collaborating to channel our capacity to harness the wisdom of the universe to build infrastructure and implement systems that restore social and ecological balance, at scale. Governments implement policy that reflects the wisdom of the forest, which understands that diversity and interdependence are critical to its survival. Silicon Valley borrows the IP of mycelium, shipping a version of the internet that lets us distribute wisdom and resources like the trees in the forest, allowing us to act like one, global forest with local, community groves.

The World Bank performs a global karma audit, issuing reparations to the cultures, communities and ecosystems that have suffered centuries of oppression and exploitation, due to the lesser angels of our primate nature. On an ongoing basis, centralized AI monitors for shortages and excesses between communities, effectively automating and scaling the capacity to maintain social and ecological balance and diversity.

The World Health Organization studies the resilience of people who have healed from systemic oppression. Meta offers perpetrators and beneficiaries of inequality the opportunity to experience empathy for the harm caused. Millions flock to Metaverse to virtually “walk a day in the shoes” of those traumatized before the post racist, sexist, homophobic and unequal world. A bridge of compassion for the oppressor is offered by those who feel called to restorative justice work. Resilience retreats become a popular, global past time.

Since the Military Industrial Complex has become obsolete, brilliant humans are repurposing powerful infrastructure around the world to identify and execute solutions that halt the 6th mass extinction and reverse climate change.

NASA measures how the mass shift away from fear-based social structures is transforming the energetic fields around earth. The capacity to manifest our own reality has broken previously assumed rate limits in every field of study. Turns out, when the power of the human mind focuses on the greater good, miracles become measurable.

World governments and elite businesses study the power of productivity and energetic output harnessed via joy vs. fear, fundamentally shifting the frequency emitting from the Earth, signaling to more evolved species around the galaxy that earth has reached an inflection point of awakening and healing.

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