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 Weather the Storm 

When social systems collapse due to inequality and imbalance, there is a period of great unrest and destruction. From the ashes, we re-organize around a new story.* Because we have forgotten our interdependence with each other and the planet, we are at this time both socially and ecologically.* Weathering this potent time without turning away, falling apart or numbing out is required to keep ourselves safe and healthy so we can protect what remains, repair what can be saved and grieve what's been lost to evolution. 

 Short-Term Priorities 

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 Holistic Healing Library 

Knowing is half the battle and knowledge is power. To wake up safely and effectively, we need a Holistic Healing Library, sorted by Department, Symptom and Treatment, to bridge from the incumbent healthcare system to holistic exploration. Add the capacity to filter by content that your professional and peer network trusts, to harness the wisdom of attuned, like-minded people. Because community is medicine, members can spin up a Lichen Book Club to connect and offer mutual support to others on a similar healing path.


 Holistic Healing Pilot Center 

Our incumbent social, political and medical infrastructure is adept at stabilizing and repairing physical trauma, but is woefully unaware and underdeveloped in addressing diseases caused by the energetic and spiritual disaster unfolding around us. Spiritual emergencies with deep healing and growth potential become psychotic breaks, while symptoms meant to guide us down a healing path to completion are dampened and ignored. Lichen's Holistic Trauma Center Pilot Campus in the PNW will offer a nature-based mind, body and soul ER and OR for those seeking an alternative to mainstream medicine. Research insights and operational efficiencies gleaned from this pilot program will inform the efficient and equitable rollout of additional network locations.


 Holistic First Responders 

Often, our most challenging physical, emotional and mental symptoms present the deepest opportunity for healing and growth. While paramedics are adept at stabilizing the physical body; holistic stabilization requires a practitioner skilled in Energetic and Spiritual First Aid, with help from the elements, flora and fauna of the natural realm. As more people explore psychedelic therapies and other spiritually powerful healing interventions, the scarcity of experts in these spaces and the lack of infrastructure available to offer proper stabilization, Lichen will begin with a rotating team of experts via Central, expanding areas of practice as new facilities are procured and practitioners are trained.

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