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Lichen Health

The holistic healing movement

  Everything is Sacred  

  Everyone Belongs  



Expand human consciousness and reduce human suffering;
in communities, for communities, by communities

The Problem

We’ve codified our maladaptive response to chronic disconnection from self, others, the planet and the spiritual realm into cultural, political and economic systems that have pushed individual, social and ecological suffering to a breaking point. Anxiety and depression are the leading cause of disability, worldwide.* Diseases of chronic despair are bringing down global life expectancy.*


The Challenge

Our mainstream medical system lacks the expertise and infrastructure necessary to deliver holistic, human-centered care. Drug companies are incentivized to manage instead of cure disease, because throwing medications at chronic suffering is more profitable than healing people. Insurance companies are pressured to maintain the status quo short-term, because restricting coverage and denying claims increases profits and minimizes losses.

The Opportunity

Only 27% of Americans feel that our Healthcare system meets their needs*In response, we are increasingly turning to ancient wisdom and earth-based healing practices; a trend that will accelerate as mainstream availability of psychedelic therapies reconnect us to our innate healing wisdom and our interdependence with each other and the natural world. Technological advancements in the field of Physics and Biology now allow us to measure and validate the efficacy of holistic healing through a western medical frame.


The Strategy

Attract clients by treating the whole person, with practitioners across the western and alternative healing landscapes collaborating with the client at the center. Win public (and some private) ensurers by measuring the efficacy and cost effectiveness of a holistic, client-centered model. Expand access to care for patients without means via philanthropy (short term). Sustain access to care via ethical revenue streams (long term)Shrink the market for human suffering, forcing big pharma to focus on healing (not farming) disease.



The plants, animals, elements, and wisdom necessary to heal our growing disease load exist. The fastest, most efficient way to deliver effective care at scale is to:


  1. (1) Centralize public un-learning and re-education efforts (for efficient preparation)


  3. (2) Connect community-based healing networks via technology (to deliver care) 


  5. (3) Infuse these networks with training, treatment & research funds (to scale access)

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